September 1, 2010 by Abode Camp in Tha Alkaholiks


Ha ha, hahaha! Straight ignorance at it’s finest
We got the rowdy ass Alkaholik boys in the house tonight
They brought they homeboys the Animal House to come fuck witch’all
Animal House full of skateboarders, headbangers, slang bashers
Y’know, check me out

Aiyyo Tha Liks work beats like Custom Auto
When the fans hear the name they straight rush a bottle
It’s two-thou’ now niggaz what’s the motto?
(Keep it pourin motherfucker) ahh ’til it hurts to swallow
I got a Rollo-ass style with no strings attached
If you ain’t come to battle don’t bring yo’ raps
It’s Tha Liks baby, yeah yeah the same team
Yo Swift, tell these niggaz what the fuck the name means

{L} Lush, lewd
Leanin on the ledge of the bar, loud rowdy and rude
Longevity, lots of enegry
Legendary Likwid Crew for life, large following
{I} Illustrious, impressive
In your rap section, not imperfection
International, inner city nigga
I’m the truth in the isolated booth, idolize my group
{K} K.O. niggaz
who keep runnin off at the mouth, keep it bouncin down South
We stay keyed, keep on givin the fans what they need
Keep it rough for these streets (Swift)
{S} So inebriated, so faded
So underrated, so concentrated
So focused, so much ambition
So much recognition, that’s the definition of

{L}.. to the motherfuckin {I}.. to the motherfuckin
{K}.. to the motherfuckin {S}.. what comes next? It’s the
{L}.. to the motherfuckin {I}.. to the motherfuckin
{K}.. to the motherfuckin {S}.. what comes next?

So when Tha Liks is on the set it’s that same shit perpetual
A gang of rookie niggaz tryin to drink against professionals
But y’all bow down around drink six
When you seein nine of us but it’s only three Liks
Headbangin beats leaves necks with pinched nerves
Tash slurs word serves when I’m sippin C-derb
But y’all already know what’s the name of my team
So yo J, tell these niggaz what the fuck the name means

{L} Los Angeles, lyrical manhandlers
Got ladies laid up in the lab, livin skanless
For the love of brew, younger son named Lou
Likwid niggaz in the party laminate your whole body
{I} I’m usin alcohol infusion
You idiots get bruised cause you choosin an illusion
How can I be inhumane?
In a world full of animals I’m pure like Iverson handles
{K} You know you better kneel to Likwid Knights
We down with the King plus we knit real tight
We got the knack to make knots, leave me the fuck alone
before I break you down from kneecaps to knuckle bones
{S} Shit you done walked into a storm
We reign seven feet above the norm
Pull it over to the side, I’m slip slidin and swervin
Servin this broad in a suburban, I hit her with the


{L}.. {I}.. {*music fades*}

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