August 19, 2010 by Abode Camp in Britney Spears

Let Me Be

You try to read me
You try to figure out
You try to breathe me
But you can’t blow me out
You try to feel me
But I’m so out of touch
I wont be falling
You wont have to pick me up
Sorry if I sound confused
I don’t feel the way you do
But I wont turn around
But I wont turn around

You think I might act out but I wont
Think that I might have doubts but I don’t
No insecurities
Won’t you just let me let me be
Think that you know me now, but you don’t
Think that I can’t stand on my own
Ain’t my philosophy
Won’t you just let me let me be.

Trust in my instincts,
Trust that I know what’s right
These are the reasons
That keep you up at night (at night)
Don’t try

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