November 3, 2010 by Abode Camp in Westlife

Let’s Make Tonight Special

I’ll give you the world to make it right
‘Cause I can’t go on without you this time, this time
What are you doing tonight, baby?
Let’s make tonight special
All I’m asking for is a little word

I look in your eyes
And baby, I see
You are the only one I ever need
Right from the start you were
There in my heart and my soul
”Cause, baby, tonight
We’ll make it right
We’ll light some candlelight
Make it all night
Oh, how I prayed for someone like you
To make me feel like you do

I’ll give the world to make you mine
‘Cause I can’t go on without this time
This time, this time

So let’s make tonight special
Something beautiful that
We’ll always treasure
Let’s make tonight so right
We will make it a night to remember
All of our lives

All our lives

Baby, tonight
I hold you tight
We will be close by the fireside
Baby, I know
That our love will grow
So strong, baby, strong
The stars shine so bright
The moon and the sky
Just being there
With you means more than life
Since I met you
My heart has been true
To you


Now that I’ve found you I’ll never let go
You are my everything I need you so
Loving you, baby, is all that I know
I’ll neve break your heart
Please let me show
Please let me show you that I

Chorus x2

All of our lives
So let’s make tonight special
Something beautiful that we’ll always treasure

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