February 2, 2011 by Abode Camp in Prophet Jones


(verse 1)
Been in love a time before but it did’nt work out right.
This love for you I can’t deny.
I tried to run but I just cant hide.(nah, no)
Girl I put my trust in you.
I’m not afraid of what my boys might say.
‘Cause I know that my love is real.
All I’m asking for is………

A lifetime is all that I need.
I’m ready to settle down and give you all of me.
(I’m talking ’bout a lifetime)
A lifetime is all that I need.
Dont ever take your love away.
I’ll be here always.
(verse 2)
I cant believe I feel this way, I was alawys a player going hard.
So many girls, so many games.
I left a trail of broken hearts.
But some how you came along, came along and set my soul on fire.
And every since that day, my life has’nt been the same.

(Repeat chorus 1x)

I never thought I’d fall so deep.
The thought of your love just makes me weak.
You came and turned my life around.
(ohhh… you broke me down)
Words cant express the way I feel.
Whatever you want just ask, I will.
Girl it’s our time.
I’ve made up my mind.
And no one else but you.

(Repeat chorus 2x’s)

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