August 14, 2010 by Abode Camp in R. Kelly

Like A Real Freak

INTRO: Yeah, you know. 2000, TP, c’mon,yeah,c’mon this how we do it. Mony, Cash, Cars, Clothes, C’mon(x2). Boys and Girls this is how w play(x2) C’mon.

Verse 1: I’m lovin the way you put that thing on me, yeah. Like Fantasy Island you fulfill my dreams. You’re makin me wanna spend my cash on you,yeah. Cause cant nobody freak me like you do, you go

Chorus: You go up,and down. To the left, and the right. You go in, out. And work it like a real freak should.
You go up, down. To the left, and the right. You go in, out. And work it like a real freak should.

Verse 2: 2000 6 drop top parked at my home(at my home). And i’ll be hittin that piece the whole night long(all night long). Girl,Your sex so good I just cant get enough(I cant get enough). Even though your friends say im a thug, you still go


Verse 3: Girl run to your Internet and download me ( Get my computer love right off your screen,yeah. See ya bodys cut just like my jewelry. We can pop some Cris in my jacuzzi.


Bridge: Now the valet may be full, but a cat like me got pull. VIP’n it at the club, While you be goin up

RAP: Sex with me,not hard to see. Roll with a G,roll a tree. Soak the sheets,strokin deep. Nah yall n***as cant f**k with me. Tryin to creep, blow the fleet. Workin O.T.,supposed to be. hit it from the back, spank the cheeks. Pulled her hair,pushed it deep. Pound the meat,sound asleep. Found a beach, grind and freak. Manage a trois, roll with R. Posed the part like a porno star. Doin sh*t never done before. get it all now, goin on tour. Major League cats, goin to war. Drop Top 6, Bentley Azure. Rock Land.


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