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Bring It

Carved in hate, carved in hate War is insane Everywhere, everywhere Blood and disgrace Look around, look around Apocalypse now!! Terminate, terminate With extreme hate Bring it Bring it Bring it Bring it Who da cap fit, who da cap fit You know what I mean All your envy, all your envy I’ll make you


No follow no trendsWe know you are too fakeThe song remains insaneAnd we are here to stayAgainst all odds we goFollow out hearts and souldWe’ll take you to the unknownOur message to the world… Last of the Mohicans Out tribe spreads everywhere"Sell-Out" I say fuck thatYou better show respect‘Cause we’re not like the restThe rhythm

Sangue De Bairro

[Blood From The Bairro]Bezouro, Moderno, Ezequiel,Candeeiro, Ceca Preta, Labareda,Azulão, Arvoredo, Quina-Quina,Banananeira, Sabonete, Catingueira, Limoeiro, Laparina, Mergulhão, Corisco!Volta Seca, Jararaca, Cajarana, Viriato, Gitirana, Moita-Brava, Meia Noite, Zabele! [These are the names of the members of Lampiao’s gang!][They were outlaw rebels that would steal from the rich and give to the poor][(like a Brasilian Robin Hood).][When they

In Memory Of…

Yo, life’s web wants me in debt and tries to collect my breath as ransom in return for my soul’s silhouette. How deep does shit get? Is it worth the Bentleys and jets in this jungle of sheer cons and devils with breasts. I mean does everything happen for a reason, the change of seasons,

Seek 'n' Strike

Here we go…Another day, another strikeHere we go…It’s the living sacrificeHere we go…Against your bullshit waysHere we go…Against your false pretendHere we go…Another day, another hourHere we go…Take back the powerHere we go…I’d rather die on my feetHere we go…Than keep living on my knees Here we go…Another day, another strikeHere we go…Jumpdafuckup and fightHere


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