December 1, 2010 by Abode Camp in Backstreet Boys

Lay Down Beside Me

somethin’ about the way you moved
caught my eye
really didn’t have to try it yeah
i can’t deny it
the way your body swinged
as i watched from behind
go me so excited yes
i couldn’t fight it baby yeah

baby let me be the one to hold you baby
give you the things i know you missed
my lady
i know that we can’t wait another lifetime
if couldn’t never find
lovin’ like this…

if you lay down
lay down beside me
you can get beside me
i can get on inside you too
if you lay down
lay down beside me
you might wake up
wake up beside me
forever and ever babe

we’ll find
find just what we’ve been lookin’ for
good good lovin’ and a whole lot more
so hold on
(hold on)
we’ll fly…
hold me and don’t you let go
that’s what i said to do (HEYYYY)

repeat chorus (the end)

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